Welcome to my Professional Portfolio

This portfolio began its life as the culminating experience of my graduate program in Educational Technology. This professional portfolio highlights, summarizes, and reflects upon my development as an educational technologist during the two years of the program.

I also have a blog, Tech-ucation, that I keep updated with thoughts on my experiences with technology and education. While this site will remain largely static over the course of time, I hope to start kicking up my activity on the blog after my classwork has finished.

As of July 2006, I am initiating my job search to utilize my technology skills and creativity as a full-time educational technologist. If you are a member of a college or university in the Boston / greater Boston area, and are interested in hiring someone to meet your needs for a multimedia specialist, educational technologist, or instructional designer, I invite you to look further into my portfolio and my resume.

I can be contacted at bgctech@gmail.com.